The Southwest Ohio Green PAC, (SWOHGP) based out of Hamilton County, Ohio includes the following additional counties: Clermont, Brown, Adams, Highland, Clinton, Warren and Butler Counties.

General contact information for the Southwest Ohio Green PAC: (513) 541-6978 &/or

The Southwest Ohio Green PAC was begun as the Southwest Ohio Green Party in Cincinnati in 2000 and it has had an varied history since that time. After May 4, 2010, the Southwest Ohio Green Party no longer existed, but a new Hamilton County Ohio Green Party Central Committee was formed formed with some of the same people who had been active in the previous version of the local Green Party. The current elected officials of the Hamilton County Ohio Green Party election on March 15, 2016. For more information about the past 10 years of local Green Party activities, you can read the

SW OH Green PAC Contact information
Treasurer & Webmaster for SWOHGPac 
Gwen Marshall or (513) 541-6978

Monthly meetings:
The Southwest Ohio Green PAC meets on an as needed basis. For information about the Hamilton County Green Party meetings, check the meeting section of this web page.
To get the exact date of the next meeting see the page on meetings for more information.

SW OH GP List Serve:
A list serve is used to help keep our local members up-to-date on SWOHGP events and other activities and events that would be of interest to our members. Click here for Information on joining &/or using this list serve.

We subsist solely on members’ contributions, we do not accept corporate money, so your generosity is appreciated. Donations can be made to the SWOHGPac (Political Action Account.) Follow the link to a printable donation form.

SWOHGP encourages its supporters to participate in outreach activities including attending and/or participating in a wide variety of activities to bring the Green Key Values to the activities. Please check our Activities page for up coming: Special Events,

Action Alerts, Activities and Announcements
The Green Party of Ohio is divided into regions for the purpose of establishing local activity. SWOHGP is no longer official member of the Green Party of Ohio. The Hamilton County Green Party is. The SWOHGP is an independent PAC (political action committee) that will continue to support Green Party activities. The GPO is affiliated with the Green Party U.S, formerly called the Association of State Green Parties. The links portion of our web page will take you to their web sites.

The Southwest Ohio Green PAC supports the Green Party of Ohio efforts to focus the political power of the people to:
preserve and restore viable ecosystems,
establish social justice and equity;
foster participatory democracy;
promote and practice non-violence as a means of conflict resolution;
ensure the rights of a community-based economic system for all people.

Currently there are no organized Green Party members in most of the counties around Hamilton County, such as: Brown, Adams, Highland, Warren or Clinton County. If you are interested in getting something started in your county and want some advice, you are welcome to contact: if you are interested in becoming a local organizer or if you just want to be added to the SWOHGP list serve.
There have been Campus Greens, in our area (Miami University in Oxford, University of Cincinnati or Xavier University or the Clermont Branch of the University of Cincinnati) but their activity level is very variable, and there is no current activity. If you want to start some, contact or (513) 541-6978 directly if you want more information.