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Either the Hamilton County Green Party Central Committee, Green Party members or the Southwest Ohio Green PAC can propose an activity or project for co-sponsorship, as long as that activity/project is in keeping with the Green Party’s Key Values.

IF the Hamilton County Green Party CC agrees that the HCGP should support the project/activity, then a request for donations for this project/activity will be made to both the Hamilton County Green Party's & the SWOHGP’s regular list serve.

No event, activity or other endorsement shall be given in the name of the Hamilton County Green Party without the approval of the Ham Co. Green Party Central Committee.

This Ham Co GP CC approval can be agreed upon either at the regular monthly meeting (all Green Party members are welcome to attend) or by the exchange of information on the Ham Co GP CC’s list serve.

SWOHGP encourages its supporters to participate in outreach activities including attending and/or participating in a wide variety of activities to bring the Green Key Values to the activities.

 Action Needed  

 Local Politics

 Regularly Scheduled Meetings and Activities


Pictures and Notes From Previous Programs 

General contact information for the Southwest Ohio Green PAC: (513) 541-6978 &/or

 Action Needed

If you are interested and able to help us form a Campus Green Party at the University of Cincinnati, please send your name & contact information to We need 10 current UC students and a faculty advisor for this group to be established and then they will be allowed to have meetings on Campus and run events at Campus and do related activities. The new group will need to elect its own officers and supply a copy of their bylaws to the University of Cincinnati to become an approved organization.

Thank you for your vote on the November 8, 2016 ballot for our Green Party candidates: Jill Stein for President & Joe DeMare for US Senator from Ohio.

Summary of how to “join” the Ohio Green Party

How to join up and get involved in the Green Party in Ohio depends on where you live in Ohio. If you live in a county with an official Green Party you can join them at anytime. If you live in an area that is near an organized Green Party you could join in activities with the organized county or get their help to organize in your own County. All of the Ohio County Green Parties welcome folks who are not official Green Party members, but there are certain rules as to how this works from a legal point-of-view.

State Law in Ohio: If you voted in the Green Party primary in 2016, you are a member of the Green Party now. If you voted in the Democrat or Republican Primary in 2016, you can participate with Greens but can’t sign a petition or be a central committee member until after the 2018 primary. If you did not vote in the 2016 primary, you can sign petitions for Greens or could be appointed as a central committee member. If you live in Ohio, you can run for office as a Green if you get enough Green and Independent signatures to get on the ballot.

Besides this web page, you can learn more about what the local Green Party is doing, the Hamilton County Green Party by looking at the FaceBook Pages
“Hamilton County Ohio Green Party Outreach”
“Green Party of Hamilton County Ohio”

Follow up on the March 15, 2016 Election:
Thanks, if you picked up the Green Party Primary ballot; we now have 3 times as many members as before this election.

From November 3, 2015 Election

from the General Election Campaign for 2014
Thanks Hamilton County for the 8,391 votes for the Anita Rios for governor Campaign. We got 3.65% of the vote in Hamilton County and over 3% statewide so the Green Party is able to keep its Ohio Ballot status for another 2 years. In addition, Nathan Lane for the Ohio House of Representatives 29th district, in Hamilton & Butler Counties, received almost 4% of the vote thanks to 1,190 voters.

To find out about election related issues in Hamilton County you can go to the Hamilton County Ohio Board of Elections Web Page.
Click on the "Elections" Link and open the November 2015 link to see who is on the ballot and what issues are on the ballot.

 If you believe that a corporation is not a person and money is not speech, please sign the Move To Amend petition.

 Local Politics

Contact Cincinnati City Council to support the Meatlfree Monday Resolution.

Cincinnati City Council general and committee information

Cincinnati City Council Contact and email information

 The Southwest Ohio Green PAC continues to support changing the current Cincinnati mayoral primary system to one of choosing the Mayor by "instant runnoff voting" in November as well as supporting a Cincinnati Charter amendment for the right to recall the Mayor and individual members of Cincinnati City Council.


Regularly Scheduled Meetings and Activities

Monthly meetings:

The Southwest Ohio Green PAC no longer meets on the same night or location as the Hamilton County Green Party. For information about the Hamilton County Green Party meeting

see the page on meetings for more information.



Green Party Ohio Coordinating Committee Meetings:

The Green Party of Ohio meets once a month either in person or by conference call. The in person meetings are near Columbus, Ohio from 10:00AM to 3PM. Contact any member of the SWOHGP Coordinating Committee whose name is listed on the About Us page for more details.



Thanks for your votes in the Primary Election on May 6, 2014; the local and Ohio Green Party is continuing to increase its membership numbers and we did get enough write-in votes to get our Governor's candidate, Anita Rios, on the ballot for the November 2014 election.


Pictures and Notes From Previous Programs

Members of the SWOHGP with Ralph Nader - March 11, 2002

Click here to see what Mr. Nader had to say and to view more pictures from his March 10th lecture at Xavier University.

Click here for even more pictures.

Southwest Ohio Green PAC
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