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We subsist solely on members' contributions, we do not accept corporate money, so your generosity is appreciated. Donations can be made to either the SWOHGPac. Follow the link to a printable donation form.


SW Ohio Green PAC List Serve

How to join

To join the list serve, send your name, street address including City, State and Zip Code, plus your phone number and any other useful contact information as well as a sentence or two explaining your interest in joining the SWOHGP list serve to (There is no charge to join the list serve.)

About the list serve

The SWOHGP list serve is mostly a read only list serve since only officers and functionaries can post so you won't be getting a lot of mail, just about 4-8 posts a month at the most. In general the list serve is used to send out the meeting notes and agenda as well as a couple of announcements a month.

Subscription options

You have several options on how you can read the list serve mail:

1. You can get it as often as posted (recommended for most subscribers) or as

2. A day later daily digest (not really needed since this is a low volume list serve).

3. Another option is to get your mail as a read only account where it doesn't go to your mailbox at all. This web box method is best for folks who will be inactive for an extended period of time or who donā??t want to get email sent to their accounts at work or home. To read the mail, you would then need to log into the home page and follow the prompts to read the messages when ever you want.

To use the web box approach, if you haven't already, you will need to go to the main Yahoo! eGroups homepage at and register your email address and password, then sign in to view your accounts. If you have a hard time figuring out how to configure your account to "no mail/web only", send a note to and the list serve manager will set this up for you.

After you get your yahoogroups subscription setup, to read your mail in the future, you will only need to sign in on the yahoogroups home page (, click on the swohiogreens account located on the left side of the page, then click on message bar (also located on the left side of the page) to view both current and previous messages.

Southwest Ohio Green PAC
(513) 541-6978