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Feb 13, 2017 Hamilton County Green Party meeting notes:

Facebook presence:
Pages: Southwest Ohio Green PAC, Hamilton County Ohio Green Party
Hamilton County Green Party Groups: Hamilton County Green Party in Ohio & Green Party in Hamilton County Ohio
"€śGreen Party Coordinated Campaign Committee for Southwestern Ohio" is a closed group that only members can see what is being discussed.

Endorsement for political office: We agreed that we would only endorse those who are running openly & dedicated as Green Party candidates and will not be cross endorsing candidates from other Ohio officially recognized parties or even people who consider themselves independents, if they are not openly claiming to be primarily Green Party candidates. This mostly applies to candidates running for non-partisan offices, those who are running for partisan offices would need to have their Green Party affiliation actually listed on their petition and on the ballot to be considered for endorsement by the Hamilton County Green Party.

Many of the currently most active participants in the Hamilton County Green Party meetings and activities voted in the Democratic Party primary for Bernie Sanders. These folks cannot become official members of the Green Party Central Committee, nor can they sign petitions for candidates running for office as a Green in a partisan race (such as for the Green Party Central Committee in 2018 or for Governor of Ohio or US Senate in 2018 as a Green Party candidate) but they can be active in all other ways, such as supporting candidates & campaigns, plus can run for non Central Committee office as a Green Party candidate in 2018. Anyone running for a non-partisan office in 2017 can choose to run as a Green Party member as well.

Rachel brought in information on establishing a Green Party organization on the UC campus and reported that we need 10 UC students to sign to say they would be organizing members of this new UC group and the group would need to submit a constitution and bylaws. The Hamilton County Green Party is organized under the Ohio Green Party and doesn’t have its own constitution or bylaws.

Kit & Buffie were attending a "Black Lives Matter Cincinnati" meeting after they left the Hamilton County Green Party meeting at 7PM to work on the issue of the food desert that Krogers will leave in the Walnut Hills area after the closing of their store near Gilbert Ave on Wm H. Taft Road. Kit is running for Cincinnati City Council and attended the recent Walnut Hills Community Council meeting so we officially asked, and Kit & Buffie agreed to be the “Hamilton County Green Party's official representative and spokespersons on this issue.

We also discussed how to speak to family members and those whom we care for, but who are firmly committed to "€śalternative truths" and concluded that it might be a discussion to best avoid for now since it mostly just leads to hurt feelings and not enlightenment. We do need to understand the "śalternative truth"€ť problem and maybe looking at their "€śalternative reality"€ť would help make sure that we too are looking at credible sources and not falling prey to the two party system of I'm not as bad as them.€ť

The March "€śHamilton County Green Party"€ť meeting will be held on Thursday, March 23rd at the Clifton Library. See "M€śeeting Section" for more details.

The next Coordinated Campaign meeting for Southwest Ohio is scheduled for Friday, Feb 24th at 6:00 pm at Lydia's on Ludlow. Kit will be presenting his Cincinnati City Council platform and other campaign related information and Kirk is looking for an assistant to help him collect 40 signatures for his run for Anderson Township Trustee.


The February 18, 2016 meeting was mostly consumed with the mailing of almost 150 postcards to persons who had voted in the Green Party Primary in 2014 with the text of the card as follows: 


The Ohio statewide primary election is March 15, 2016.  In May 2014 you voted the Green Party Primary ballot and we are urging you to vote the Green Party ballot again in 2016.  

If you vote in the Green Party Primary, you will be eligible to vote in the Ohio Green Party convention, being held in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, April 3rd.  This is how we choose the Ohio's Green Party'€™s nomination for the presidential candidate. 

(see for more information.) In addition, if you do pick up the Green Party Primary ballot on March 15, 2016, from March 2016 to May 2018, you will be able to sign petitions to help get Green Party candidates on the ballot and you would be eligible to serve on the Green Party Central Committees. 

Hamilton County Green Party  February 10, 2015

notes by Josh Krekeler, Hamilton County Green Party Secretary

The meeting convened at 6:15.  Dorsey Stebbins, Gwen Marshall, Josh Krekeler, Don Rucknagel, Kim Wise, Carolyn Park, and Bill Messer were in attendance.

Gwen reported that the Southwest Ohio Green PAC has a balance of $134.46, plus $7.00 in donations from this meeting.  The Hamilton County Green Party Campaign Fund has a balance of $108.45, plus $20.00 in donations from this meeting.  She has gotten some clarification from the Board of Elections about what activity is permitted for each account.

Gwen reported that the Lucas County Green Party has opened an office space which is why they need a County treasurer for their non PAC type expenses.

The filing date for the 2016 primary is December 9, 2015.

Proposed activities for the rest of 2015:

  • Adopt one or two nearby counties (Warren and/or Athens) and try to get Green voters there to organize county committees, with an eye toward electing members in the statewide 2016 primary.
  • Support the AMOS Project'™s campaign for free Pre-Kindergarten education in Cincinnati.
  • Attend public forums for the city'™s Charter Review Task Force to advocate for policies we support.
  • Meet with local Libertarian Party activists to discuss common interests.
  • Develop and advocate for a proposal to build a funicular on one of the city'™s old incline routes.

It was discussed that Tim Miller, who attended a meeting late last year, could be a good initial contact for organizing in Warren County, especially in choosing a meeting location.  Gwen proposed asking him or another local member for good locations to have a meeting.  We would send a postcard to Green voters in the county in advance, inviting them to attend.  Kim suggested that the postcard should be short and direct.

Bill reported that a proposal for funiculars was part of the city'™s latest five-year plan, but that condominiums are now being built that will block the most promising route, on Mount Adams.  Price Hill is another possible route.

Josh reported that a proposal from "Responsible Ohio"Âť to legalize marijuana in Ohio has been getting some media attention.  However, the proposal would designate specific sites where marijuana could be grown, which would allow the market to be dominated by a small number of investors.  The proposal is expected to be on the ballot this November, and there could possibly be a competing proposal on the ballot at the same time.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45.

January 13, 2015 - meeting cancelled due to illness

December 9, 2014 - Holiday party held at Boswells in Northside - included people from both Hamilton and Warren Counties, (district 4)

November 11, 2014 Hamilton County Green Party meeting Notes

Report on Hamilton County Green Party Campaign Fund - $55 in donations made at meeting gives balance of $108.45 FYI note from treasurer of Southwest Ohio Green PAC - current balance = $172.29 and the PAC spent $91.03 in the fall 2014 election to send out postcards to all of the people who voted in the 2014 primary Greens from Warren and Hamilton County.

Decision reached regarding the December Meeting / Holiday Party: We decided to send out post cards to all of the Greens in Ohio Green Party District 4 (Hamilton and Warren Counties) to invite them to our holiday party on Tuesday, December 9th at Boswell's on Blue Rock (between Hamilton and Colerain Avenues) in Northside. We will be there from 6:00 to 9:00 PM and Boswells has a great dinner menu and bar, each person will need to buy whatever they want to eat or drink. We will ask that an RSVP be sent by email to or called in to (513) 541-6978 to help with general planning. (Gwen has told Jan at Boswells to expect about a dozen people and that I will update her with RSVP's if that number is much different. There are no other special events going on at Boswells that night except for game night which starts at 7:30.)

On our post card we will suggest that people either sign up to join our list serve to get information from us each month or check the local web page each month to see what is going on. The meeting page will have the date and location of the meeting as well as the agenda and notes from the previous meeting. Anyone wanting to get email notices will need to send their email address and contact information to

The post card will thank them for their support and also announce that we got 3.25% of the vote statewide (3.65% in Hamilton County) which will give the Green Party official ballot status for the next 4 years in Ohio; we needed 2% in the governor's race to maintain ballot status.

The post card could also include a reference to the positions/policy statements and refer to the web page.

Mike suggested that we invite Bob Fitrakis as a guest, but in that invitation, it was also suggested that he and Suzanne would prefer a weekend night and for us to do a winter Ohio Green Party fundraiser.

Agreed to the following positions/policy statements to be posted on the web page and used by Green Party members in their advocacy for these positions.

Cincinnati Charter Revision in relation to electing the Mayor and City Council
In relation to the Charter Revision process that the City of Cincinnati is currently doing and which is anticipated to be on the November 2015 ballot:
We would like to see a return to Proportional Representation for election of City Council.
We would like to see the termination of the expensive to the City primary process for the mayor and would suggest instead the use of the "instant runoff voting" or the "approval voting" process.

Women's Health
We agree with Southwest Ohio Planned Parenthood's effort to overturn the part of the law which is denying them admitting privileges at public hospitals, specifically the University of Cincinnati Hospital.

Preserve Cincinnati Park Burnet Woods
We are concerned with the statement that Mayor Cranley made in fall 2014 "State of the City Address" in which he stated that he would support the construction of a restaurant in the Cincinnati City Park Burnet Woods. This idea was first brought up by the current Park Board Director &/or his planners in the past 5 years and was defeated due to the opposition of the Clifton business owners on Jefferson and Ludlow as well as the other residents of Cincinnati who don't want to see more of their park degraded and paved. Currently Burnet Woods is less than half of its original size due to the University of Cincinnati taking over more of its land. Burnet Woods is a unique urban island used by a high diversity of migrating birds for stop overs and it contains vegetation that is not the norm for Cincinnati (ex Yellow Buckeye) due to the fact that Burnet Woods was not covered by ice in the 3rd great glaciation and this also explains why its creek runs north. This information was presented to the Cincinnati Park Board regarding an individual on the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Board's plan in the early 1990's to site a library in Burnet Woods. Clifton now has a beautiful library on Jefferson and will continue to have great restaurants if not burdened by the likely unfair competition of a restaurant on public land; Cincinnati doesn't need another Mahogany's type disaster.

Street Car:
The Hamilton County Green Party continues to believe that the entire Street Car project is not a good idea financially for the City of Cincinnati due to its construction and operation costs. Regarding the operation costs, the Hamilton County Green Party Coordinating Committee suggests that the ridership fee for a single ride needs to be no less than the fee for the 2 hour use of the Metro bus one zone fee and that those who posses a Metro Pass should be allowed to use it on the Street Car in the same way they are allowed to use it on the busses. To reduce the operating costs of the Street Car, we would support the Mayor's proposal to operate the street car running fewer cars less operating hours and instead operate it around hours that would support special events and higher use times (such as what the Metro busses are currently doing) to reduce the negative financial impact on Cincinnati and the Metro bus services.

Waste Reduction
The City of Cincinnati's Compost Project: Since the early 1990's the City of Cincinnati has talked about playing a greater role in commercial composting as way to reduce its landfill tipping fees, to not have to keep it's incinerator open at Center Hill and Este near the Mill Creek. The Hamilton County Green Party supports the efforts to get private citizens to compost more of their own waste but also supports the combination of the City's yard waste and the commercial food waste within the City of Cincinnati and currently has not heard of a location that is more suitable than the one that was most recently in use. If the City had gone forward with the proper planning process in the 1990's in this location they would not be running into their current problems which are caused by siting a not air polluting industrial park too close to their most logical location for the citywide composting. In addition, the City of Cincinnati should continue to work to increase the size of its recycling program, including more and more businesses to reduce its impact on Colerain township and other areas outside of the City where the Cincinnati waste is being sent.


Notes from the October 14th, 2014 Meet & Greet meeting at Boswells

No formal meeting was held. Eleven people attended, including 4 from Hamilton County Green Party Coordinating Committee and one person from Warren County.


Notes from the September 9, 2014 meeting: 

Report on the "Hamilton County Green Party Campaign Funds" account size still less than $50, but learned that the "Southwest Ohio Green PAC" account had enough money to be able to send out a post card mailer about the 2014 fall election to all of those in Hamilton and Warren Counties who voted Green in the 2014 primary. This mailer would include information about the "Meet and Greet" and the November 2014 election.

Update on Nathan Lane's State Representative Campaign for the 29th district: although Nathan is not actively campaigning, he is still on the ballot and information on his campaign is still found in both the "Statement" and "Activities" sections of the web page

Update on the Green Party's Governor's Campaign and possible Cincinnati fundraiser on Friday, September 26th. Don reported that Anita Rios wanted to do the fundraiser/gathering on Saturday, September 27th (7:00).

Next Ohio Green Party Coordinating Committee meeting will be held in Columbus on Saturday, October 4 starting at 10:30 am. This lit drop will be organized by Bob Hart for Congress Campaign. Agreed to go to this meeting so far:  Gwen, Don, Dorsey.  

Report on the Ohio Green Party Coordinating Committee's Conference call on Saturday, September 6th. If anyone wants a copy of Gwen's notes from the call, send a note to

Agreed to put together a "Meet & Greet" gathering for dinner and conversation at Boswells on Blue Rock Rd in Northside to replace our usual meeting - Tuesday, October 14th. We will be there from 6:00 - 8:30 PM; everyone will need to buy their own food &/or drinks at Boswells.  

People's March for Climate, September 21, 2014 - email sent to listserv on 9/6/14.

Other topics related to the November 4, 2014 General election: Agreed to recommend support for Issue 8, the 5 year 1/4% Hamilton County sale tax increase for Union Terminal. This became more important to support when the Hamilton County Commissioners removed the Union Terminal renewal levy from the November 2014 ballot.  For more information see or check them out on Facebook under the heading "Save Our Icons."

Notes from the Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Hamilton County Green Party Meeting

1) Election for the Hamilton County Green Party, related to the results of the May 2014 primary, two chairpersons, (one man and one woman), Don Rucknagel & Gwen Marshall,
a secretary - Josh Krekeler and a treasurer - decided to not elect a treasurer since have unelected PAC and Campaign Fund treasurer.
1a) Agreed that we should we appoint functionaries: facilitator, note taker when Secretary is not present, timekeeper on an as needed basis and that these people would not need to be elected in the primary.

2) Officially supporting "MeatFree Monday." The text is printed in the Local Politics section of the Activities Page of this web page.

3) Information about the Northside 4th of July Parade entry (noon step off) and 3-5 "Meet and Greet" at Boswells is posted on the Facebook Groups, "Hamilton County Green Party" and the Facebook Page "Southwest Ohio Green PAC."

4) Collected about 1/2 the money needed to support this web page and agreed to mail out postcards to new Greens (based on May 2014 primary) The list was not yet available as of June 18th.
4a) Discussed, but have not yet agreed to the details of doing a party fundraiser. Need money for: web page ($100/yr), mailings (around $50 for postcards or $125 for letters), campaign contributions, parade fees.
4b) Agreed that the mailing, like the one to new members of the Hamilton County Green Party should be sent to the Warren County, Clermont and Butler County members with the hope of creating more interest and maybe being able to start new county committees in those counties.

5) Officially canceled the July 2014 meeting since we are getting together for the 4th of July Parade in Northside and doing a "Meet and Greet" at Boswell's from 3:00 - 5:00 PM.

6) Agreed to start our meeting at 7:00PM instead of 7:30. We are still planning 90 minutes for the meeting, not including dinner. Dinner will still be at 6:30.



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We subsist solely on members' contributions, we do not accept corporate money, so your generosity is appreciated. Donations can be made to the SWOHGPac. Follow the link to a printable donation form.

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