The Green Party’s actions and belief system is based on its Green Party’s 10 Key Values

The Southwest Ohio Green PAC, (SWOHGP) based out of Hamilton County, Ohio includes the following additional counties: Clermont, Brown, Adams, Highland, Clinton, Warren and Butler Counties.

General contact information for the Southwest Ohio Green PAC: (513) 541-6978 &/or

The Southwest Ohio Green PAC was begun as the Southwest Ohio Green Party in Cincinnati in 2000 and it has had a varied history since that time. After May 4, 2010, the Southwest Ohio Green Party no longer existed, but a new Hamilton County Ohio Green Party Central Committee was formed formed with some of the same people who had been active in the previous version of the local Green Party. Unfortunately the Ohio Green Party failed to get a large enough percentage of votes in the 2018 Ohio Governor’s race so the Ohio Green Party is no longer an official political party, but it is trying to act like one by running candidates and working on issues.

Since May 2010, the local organization for the Green Party in Hamilton County is called the “Hamilton County Green Party.” email address is Most of this web page is now about the Activities and Statements from the Hamilton County Green Party.

Hamilton County Green Party after the Northside 4th of July Parade in 2017

Information of a general interest is posted on our Facebook pages &/or groups as well as placed in the appropriate Statements or Activities portions of this web page.

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