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The Green Party’s symbol is the sunflower

Green Party

General contact information for the Hamilton County Green Party: (513) 541-6979 &/or

General contact information for the Southwest Ohio Green PAC: (513) 541-6978 &/or

State School Board districts map

The Green Party of Ohio’s web page is The official mailing address is

Green Party of Ohio

1747 Olentangy River Rd    #1074

Columbus, OH  43212-1453

The GPO is affiliated with the Green Party U.S. (GPUS), the Green Party with FEC (Federal Election Commission) status, formerly called the “Association of State Green Parties,” the web page is

Useful national & international Green Party Links. This web page contains information on Green Party U.S. election history along with a listing of current Green office holders.

Voter Resources

To find out about election related issues in Hamilton County you can go to the Hamilton County, Ohio Board of Elections Web Page You can also check on your voter registration, polling location and other useful information by clicking on the tab “Check Registration” and then typing in your address. If you don’t find yourself in this data base, you may not be registered at the address you have given so you might need to update your address or register to vote. During the work day (8am-4pm) you can call the board at (513) 632-7000.

To find out about election related issues statewide, in Ohio you can go to the Secretary of State‘s Election web page:

The League of Woman Voters of the Cincinnati Area‘s web page will provide links to many government sites, information about where you vote, information on what is on the ballot for you as well as contact information for elected officials. –

Official Government Sites

This is a portion of the Ohio Map. After you go to this link,    you can type in your address to see which House and Senate district you are in. 

The best general information source on legislation in the U.S. Congress is

Sites related to how we are governed

You can help end Corporate Personhood check out the Move To Amend Website.

Environmental & Forest Protection Organizations

This portion of the Mill Creek is near Salway Park across the street from Spring Grove Cemetery. This picture was taken during a May 1, 2021 event to expose the public to the Mill Creek.

The Mill Creek runs through the heart of Hamilton County and Cincinnati. Most people only get to see it from the highways or bike trails. If you want to see what our Mill Creek looks like from the water scroll though the list of YouTube videos and locator maps to see the videos about the parts of the Mill Creek in Cincinnati that interest you.

“Mill Creek Cincinnati” 

The Sierra Club‘s local organization is called the Miami Group. You can read about the local group at or contact them by phone at (513) 841-0111. You can learn more about the Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club at 

Highlands Nature Sanctuary – Three Sisters Rocks – Rocky Fork Creek

“The Arc of Appalachia,” formerly “The Highlands Nature Sanctuary” is actively buying up land in south central Ohio to restore wilderness to the Ohio landscape, and save a portion of the once-grand Eastern Deciduous Forest. With low overhead and aggressive land-buying, they are a rapidly-growing and effective organization. Educational workshops and guided hikes available. Read about them at , call them at (937) 365-1935, or send email to

Heartwood works on forest issues in the region that include Ohio forests. Read about them on their web site

Native Forest Council works on national forest issues. Read about their work at

Trade, Economic, & Social Justice Issues

The best source of information on foreign trade issues is the web page of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

The “Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center,” founded in 1985, is a coalition of faith-based organizations and individuals who work together to educate around justice issues, take collaborative action and do public witness. They address local, national and international concerns focusing on economic justice, women’s issues, human rights, racial equality, peace and the environment.

Their goals are:to deepen awareness of justice as integral, not optional, to our faith network participating organizations and to collaborate with other concerned groups for stronger public witness and impact on justice and peace plan and carry out programs of education and action which affect structural injustice.

Their office is at the Peaslee Center in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine area, and their phone number is 513-579-8547.

Progressive News and Information Sites   is a wonderful source of news and views for progressives. It has dozens and dozens of articles from folks like Molly Ivins, Barbara Ehrenreich, and other progressive columnists. It also has links to a variety of progressive organizations and magazines that are consistent with Green Party values. is the web site for The Foundation for National Progress was founded in 1975 to educate and empower people to work toward progressive change. The nonprofit FNP publishes Mother Jones magazine. is the web site for the magazine, The Progressive has existed since 1909. Its insightful articles are written by a variety of progressives.

Educator Resource & Green Living Resource Sites

http.// is a volunteer-based startup that conducts free research for educators in which retired teachers and librarians engage in meaningful dialog with other educators. Some of their environmental education related sites are:

Energy Conservation for Kids

Kids Guide to Home Energy Saving>

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This article is about teaching kids how to use technology in environmentally friendly ways:
including why it is important to teach strategies to help reduce the tech burden on the planet as well as use technology to our environmental benefit.

Start a Garden

Guide to Composting at Home

Gardening with Native Plants

Attracting Native Pollinators

Conserve water, don’t waste it

Rain Barrel & Water Conservation Tips

100+ Ways to Conserve Water

Information of a general interest is posted on our Facebook pages &/or groups as well as placed in the appropriate Statements or Activities portions of this web page.

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