SWOHGP & the Hamilton County Green Party encourage its supporters to participate in outreach activities including attending and/or participating in a wide variety of activities to bring the Green Key Values to the activities.

Find out who and what is on the ballot for the next election https://votehamiltoncountyohio.gov

The Green Party’s symbol is the sunflower.

 Action Needed

Before voting in the November 2022 election, read the following to learn

Why I have a “Smitherman for County Commission” sign in my front yard.

Message from Gwen Marshall, co-chair Hamilton County Green Party: 

I am personally endorsing Chris Smitherman for Hamilton County Commissioner; the question is if the “Hamilton County Green Party” has also endorsed this campaign as well.  The short answer is “yes” even though the Hamilton County Green Party has not returned to in-person meetings since covid first shut down our library meeting room.  The officers of the Hamilton County Green Party, as well as the members of the Hamilton County Green Party Central Committee that I could reach by phone, are also in support of this endorsement for the following 2 main reasons:

1)  We have endorsed Chris Smitherman for Cincinnati City Council in the past, in part because he, like us, is not part of the two dominant political parties and therefore he is able to speak independently, as opposed to needing to quote the dominant party’s lines, platforms and so on.  In the Green Party we say instead of supporting the “lesser of two evils” why not seek another route.

2)  The current make up of the Hamilton County Commission is three females, all from the Democratic Party, whereas in the not too distant past, the makeup of the Hamilton County Commission was three males, all from the Republican Party. In both situations there is/was a lack of diversity of opinion and point-of-view that would be representative of Hamilton County.  In both extremes the addition of an independent voice would improve the County Commission in that the Independent Commissioner would be able to help work for the best solution to any of the County’s issues, as opposed to just working for the aims of their own political party.  The Independent Commissioner would be a much better addition to the Commission than a member of the opposing party because the work of the Commission does not benefit from having a member who is mostly just there to disrupt the actions of the other two Commissioners.  

General Information

Make sure your voter registration is current and up-to-date in all ways.  To do that go to the Hamilton County BOE web site https://votehamiltoncountyohio.gov and click on the “Check Registration Link.”  

To see what the Green Party is all about check out the Green Party’s 10 Key Values and Green Party Platform.

Summary of how to “join” the Ohio Green Party

How to join up and get involved in the Green Party in Ohio depends on where you live in Ohio. If you live in a county with an official Green Party you can join them at anytime. If you live in an area that is near an organized Green Party you could join in activities with the organized county or get their help to organize in your own County. All of the Ohio County Green Parties welcome folks who are not official Green Party members, but there are certain rules as to how this works from a legal point-of-view.

More specific information is contained in this link How to become an official member of Ohio Green Party.

 Local Politics

The Hamilton County Green Party will be interviewing interested persons who want to run for office as a Green in our local area. These candidates must feel comfortable running with the Green Party Platform and must NOT be wanting to seek or accept the endorsement of either of the major parties.

For more specific information about the Hamilton County Green Party’s Endorsement Policy use this link.

The following 5 links are to the content of the Ohio Green Party’s candidate questionnaire and its related instructions: Candidate Questionnaire pg 1 of 5Candidate Questionnaire pg 2 of 5Candidate Questionnaire pg 3 of 5Candidate Questionnaire pg 4 of 5Candidate Questionnaire pg 5 of 5 If you are interested in running for office, ask one of the people listed on page 1 of the questionnaire to email a copy of the candidate questionnaire document to you so you can fill it out; the copy on the web page is just for information purposes only because it does not print or work for filing out well. If you would like to have a ‘Google’ Doc of this questionnaire shared with you send your contact information to Hamilton County Green Party Co-Chair, Gwen Marshall at hamiltoncountygreenparty@gmail.com and, if applicable, what office you are planning to run for.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings and Activities:

Monthly meetings: For information about the Hamilton County Green Party meetings, see the SWOHGP page on Meetings for more information.  

The Green Party of Ohio meets once a month either in person or by conference call.

The in person meetings are near Columbus, Ohio. Currently we are using ZOOM and meet on either Thursday evening or on Saturday morning.

The Ohio Green Party’s “Energy Committee” has been meeting on Thursday evening from about 8-9pm on zoom. Contact hamiltoncountygreenparty@gmail.com for more details. 


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