Hamilton County Green Party & the SW OH Green PAC Coordinating Committee Policy Regarding Locally Endorsed Candidates

For all candidates that we endorse, we would expect them to organize their own campaign and get their own campaign treasurer and plan to obtain their own petition signatures. They should expect that we would announce their candidacy and contact information so that Greens who are interested could help support their campaign. When possible the SWOHGP would pay the filing fee for the candidate. We would also make a point of organizing at least one SWOHGP Fund Raiser for the candidate. Party can help with Platform Development and Campaign Strategy.

1st choice: 
Endorse candidates who were already active Greens before they ran for office. (We would expect these candidates to plan to and do what we expect of all of our candidates.)

2nd choice: 
A) See how they specifically respond to the Green’s 10 Values (point by point);
B) We expect to see them advertise their Green endorsement on their web page. 
C) We expect them to include mention of their Green Party endorsement in their 3-5 minute speech at the Community Council election forums. 
D) We expect them to include mention of their Green Party endorsement in their campaign literature. 
E) We are willing to co endorse candidates who have other third party endorsements but are not willing to co endorse candidates who publicly call themselves either independent Democrats or independent Republicans. In this case of another third party endorsement, we would expect at least equal billing with the third party. 
F) We expect our candidates to support the Green Party policy of not accepting corporate type donations.

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