(You can print out this page, fill it out & mail it with your contribution.)

General contact information for the 
“Hamilton County Green Party Campaign Fund
” is (513) 541-6978 &/or hamiltoncountygreenparty@gmail.com 
General contact information for the 
“Southwest Ohio Green PAC”
 is (513) 541-6978 &/or swohgp@fuse.net

You can support the local Green Party by giving a check to either the “Hamilton County Green Party Campaign Fund” or the “Southwest Ohio Green PAC”

Donations help fund costs of supporting local candidates, parade registration fees, candidates registration fees, copies, postage, supplies, meeting costs, web page and so on related to local Green Party goals.

We need you to Include the following information with your donation:


Street address:________________________________________

City, State & zip code:___________________________________

(Email and phone # optional, but please include it so we can make sure we have the information correct on our contact list.)

Email address:________________________________________

Phone number:________________________________________

Include either your employer & occupation, or labor organization for all donations over $100:______________________________________________

Mail check(s) for the “Southwest Ohio Green PAC” or the “Hamilton County Green Party Campaign Fund” to 
Gwen Marshall, treasurer 1417 Bercliff Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

Note, cash donations in excess of $100 per election cycle are not allowed by law.

If you have any questions email Gwen Marshall, treasurer SWOHGP & HamCoGreen Party or call (513) 541-6978

Information Statement required when PACs are involved: 
Paid for by the Southwest Ohio Green PAC, Gwen Marshall treasurer, 1417 Bercliff Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223.

Southwest Ohio Green PAC: www.swohgp.org

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