The Ohio Green Party Candidate Questionnaire  pg 2 of 5

2. Your Role in Your Community 

A. How long have you lived in the community you intend to represent? ______________________ 

B. What is your occupation____________________________________________________________

C. Are you currently employed? YES/NO – business’s name & location _____________________________________________


D. Did you graduate from high school? YES /No High school location –  City_________________________State_____ 

E. Do you have any degrees, professional certificates or trade certifications?  List Here –__________________________


F. Do you own a business? YES / NO Number of employees – _______

Provide health care benefits? YES / NO —- Union shop? YES / NO

G. Have you received any awards for service to your community?  YES / NO  If yes, List Here ___________________

_______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

H. Do you consider yourself a member of any of these communities? (Check all that apply) 

___ Appalachian  _____ Arab  _____ Asian  _____ Black  _____ Ethnic European _____ Latinx/ Latina/o _____ White

_______ Immigrant  ______ LGBTQ _______ Differently abled  ______ Single Parent  _____ Rural

Other or additional – describe: ___________________________________________________________________________________  

I. Have you ever been a member or participant in religious organization(s)?  List here:_____________________________ 

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________

J. Are you or have you ever been a member or participant in any community service organizations?  List here -__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

K. Are you an Armed Forces veteran? YES / NO  Branch of service: _______________________ dates of service ________________________

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