Becoming an Official Green Party member in Ohio:

According to the Ohio Green Party bylaws, if you pull a petition to run for office as a Green and get the appropriate Green Party and Independent signatures to get on the ballot, we count you as a Green. If another Green Party member wants to run for office as a Green, you CANNOT sign a petition for them if you voted in the most recent statewide primary in another party primary even if you are on the ballot running for office as a Green. If you voted in another party’s primary, you cannot run for Central Committee as a Green, but should vote in the next Green Statewide Primary (even years only in Ohio) and you could then be appointed to be a Central Committee member after the election.

If you did NOT vote in the previous primary, you are considered “œindependent” in Ohio and can sign petitions for members of an organized political party, but only for one party if it is a partisan petition because in signing it you are claiming to be a member of that party. The Ohio Green Party recognizes you as an official member of the Green Party if you sign a petition or run for office as a Green. If you are officially an Ohio Green Party member, you can be appointed to a Central Committee. If you are in an organized Green Party County, you need to be nominated by that County Central Committee to be added to a Central Committee. If you are not in an organized county, you apply directly to the Ohio Green Party Central Committee to become a County Committee member. You can also run for a Green Party Central Committee in the next statewide primary as well.

The Ohio Green Party is an officially organized political party with by-laws filed with the Secretary of State. We need to follow our own laws/rules but can make changes at our statewide convention, provided the proposed amendments have been correctly advertised and placed on the Convention agenda. Separately, there are state law requirements/laws that are designed to protect a party from being taken over by another party that we cannot amend at our conventions.

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