Information related to the May 6, 2014 Green Party Primary in Hamilton County, Ohio 

Elected for District 4 State of Ohio Green Party Committee 

Gwen Marshall, 
Don Rucknagel,  
Dorsey Stebbins, 
Mark Lause 

Elected for Green Party Hamilton County Central Committee Members
Josh Krekeler, 
Gwen Marshall,  
Don Rucknagel, 
Dorsey Stebbins, 
Kim Wise  
Sydney Wise,
Mark Lause.

Elected at June 10, 2014 Hamilton County Green Party Coordinating Committee Meeting 
Co Chairs: Gwen Marshall, Don Rucknagel 
Secretary: Josh Krekeler

Candidate statements from the May 6, 2014 election 

Statement of Joshua Krekeler of Hamilton County
I have served as both a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Southwest Ohio Green Party and the Hamilton County Green Party since 2005. A native Cincinnatian, he represented the Green Party in the We Demand a Vote alliance, which opposed the Hamilton County jail tax in 2007, the installation of red-light cameras in Cincinnati in 2008, and the sale of the Cincinnati Water Works in 2009. He is a passionate advocate of greater citizen engagement in public affairs as a way to empower the politically disenfranchised. He supports all varieties of independent and “minor-party” politics because he believes people should be aware of approaches to policy issues beyond those offered by the Democratic and Republican Parties. Josh is also active in his neighborhood Community Council. email address

Statement by Gwen Marshall of Hamilton County
I was raised Republican and worked with more Democrats than Republicans in the 1990’s when I was actively working on forest preservation and fair trade issues, but I never felt like I fit in with either party. The Green Party is the first political party I’ve joined where I actually fit in belief wise and have only voted for Green Party candidates for President in the general election since 1996. I had learned that I could work with a wide diversity of people from both of the major parties on the things we agreed on but also found there was much where we disagreed. I was also tired of being told that we need to vote based on a choice of “the lesser of two evils.” I believe that when told to choose between two evils, one needs to find a better choice and that is why I started the campaign in southwest Ohio in 2000 to get Ralph Nader on the ballot. The outpouring of interest and activity in southwest Ohio made me know that we were headed in the correct direction with founding a new Green Party here. I worked on getting David Cobb on the ballot in 2004 as the official Green Party candidate and I was sorry to see Ralph Nader go off in his own direction away from his 2000 goal to form a viable US Green Party. I also worked on the 2008 Ohio campaign to get Cynthia McKinney on the ballot as well as on Tim Kettler’s 2006 Secretary of State and 2008 Ohio Senate campaigns. I am the current treasurer of the Southwest Ohio Green Pac, work on the web page as well as often host meetings at my house for the Green Party. email address

Statement of Donald Rucknagel 
I am a semi-retired academic adult hematologist – treating patients with diseases of the blood. I came to Cincinnati from Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1987. I had been a Democrat for all of my adult years, but in 2010, because of my disenchantment with both major parties over the mess that they had made of the economy, I registered as a Green. I was subsequently appointed to their State Central Committee. I think that I have something to contribute to their deliberations and therefore am now running for the same office. I have believed that the richest nation on the planet should provide health care for all of their citizens, as do every other industrialized nation. To further that cause, for 20 years I have been a member of Physicians for a National Health Program. For the past six years I have been on the governing council of the Single Payer Action Network of Ohio that has developed and is endeavoring to have enacted a publicly funded comprehensive, universal health care system for Ohio. The national, state and local Green parties are supportive of that legislation. The level of unemployment in this country is unsustainable. To provide jobs, I support government at all levels to be the employer of last resort. The books should be balanced in subsequent years by tax increases when the economy has improved. The current penchant for austerity is disastrous. The planet is imperiled; I would endorse responsible proposals at all levels of government to address that problem. email address:

Statement of Dorsey Stebbins of Hamilton County
My main concern is for what is right and good for our community, country and world and not my loyalty to the Green Party. Presently, with this concern I am enjoying the freedom that is given me within the Green Party. I am greatly upset over the continuing effort of Cincinnati to eliminate urban poor from our city. Recent examples are: (1) allowing Western and Southern Insurance Co. to force Cincinnati Union Bethel to sell Anna Louise Inn, (2) replacement of Arby’s on Sixth and Vine with Panera, and (3) continual disregard for mixed housing. I am always advocating that any capital investment that Cincinnati and Hamilton County makes that involves jobs must stipulate that those employed must be a majority of local residents of the tri-state. Therefore, it is important for us to have public instruction for our unemployed to learn new and modern skills. email address

Statement by Kimberly Wise of Hamilton County
I have been an active Green Party member since 2001. National Delegate from the Green Party of Ohio for 2 years and past member of the Green Party of Ohio State Coordinating Committee. Member of the coordinating committee of the Southwest Ohio Green Party and then the Hamilton County Green Party. I am a Registered Nurse working actively in the profession for the past 28 years. Green Party values have shaped my views and influenced my life and decision making. The current government and economic position our country has caused great disappointment. For these ongoing issues within our current government, I am even more committed to bringing the Green Party to fruition. email address

Statement by Sydney Wise of Hamilton County
I graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. My parents have been active members of the Southwest Ohio and the Ohio Green Party since 2000. For me personally, a motivating factor for running for county central committee has been the ten key values of the party and also the local actions and issues that the Southwest Ohio Green Party has been part of in recent years. I would like to run for the Hamilton County committee to participate in and help further the progress of the Green Party. email address

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