SWOHGP encourages its supporters to participate in outreach activities including attending and/or participating in a wide variety of activities to bring the Green Key Values to the activities.

Action Needed 

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General contact information for the Southwest Ohio Green PAC: (513) 541-6978 &/or swohgp@fuse.net

 Action Needed

The national Green Party has officially chosen its nomination for President.  In Ohio there is a legal appeal to try to get the Green Party on the ballot in 2020, but that is not resolved yet.  If that appeal doesn’t work, you will be able to write in Howie Hawkins and have your vote counted in Ohio.  You don’t have to be a member of the Green Party to write in Howie’s name on the November ballot. 

You can turn in your absentee ballot request right now for the November election, by picking up the application at the library or the Board of Elections in Norwood and turn it in at the BOE or by mail now.  You can also wait until you get an application mailed to you and fill that out and mail it back ASAP or drop it off.  

Also make sure your voter registration is current and up-to-date in all ways.  To do that go to the Hamilton County BOE web site https://votehamiltoncountyohio.gov and click on the “Check Registration Link.”  

Mail in voting will be the easiest option this fall and states that vote by mail only (ie Utah) said that this has not only increased participation, but it has also increased people voting for all or more of the items on the ballot.  To avoid ‘drama’ get your ballot early and turn it in two weeks early as well (either by mail or drop off.)

Summary of how to “join” the Ohio Green Party

How to join up and get involved in the Green Party in Ohio depends on where you live in Ohio. If you live in a county with an official Green Party you can join them at anytime. If you live in an area that is near an organized Green Party you could join in activities with the organized county or get their help to organize in your own County. All of the Ohio County Green Parties welcome folks who are not official Green Party members, but there are certain rules as to how this works from a legal point-of-view.

To find out about election related issues in Hamilton County you can go to theHamilton County Ohio Board of Elections Web Page

 Local Politics

Regularly Scheduled Meetings and Activities:

Monthly meetings:The Southwest Ohio Green PAC no longer meets on the same night or location as the Hamilton County Green Party. For information about the Hamilton County Green Party meeting, see the page on meetings for more information.  

Green Party Ohio Coordinating Committee Meetings:

The Green Party of Ohio meets once a month either in person or by conference call.

The in person meetings are near Columbus, Ohio from 10:00AM to 3PM. Contact any member of the SWOHGP Coordinating Committee whose name is listed on the About Us page for more details. 


Southwest Ohio Green PAC
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